Jun 14 2009

Seth Godin Comes to Joomla

My friend Neil from Joobi pinged me, asking me if I would be interested in working on getting one of the popular wordpress plugin to Joomla.

I had a look at it and it was clear to me how the Joomla community could benefit from it…so, after some power packed coding hours – it’s finally here!…

…presenting : What Would Seth Godin Do? (for Joomla!)
The purpose of this module is to implement Seth Godin’s idea to treat new visitors differently than returning ones, based on a cookie.

One opportunity that’s underused is the idea of using cookies to treat returning visitors differently than newbies. It’s more work at first, but it can offer two experiences to two different sorts of people. (Source: In the Middle, Starting)

In plain English, by using this module, the new visitors are presented with a message of your liking. After they have visited your site for a few times (you can set how much is that) the message disappears. The counting is done using cookies set on your visitors’ browsers..
One idea could be using this module (as a lot of bloggers do) to convert the website visitors into RSS/newsletter subscribers. As the Richard K Miller(the creator of the wordpress version of this plugin) puts it :

New visitors will appreciate some context and background information about your site. This is your chance to offer them a special welcome and invite them to become permanent subscribers!

For Joomla, not only have I provided a plugin so that you can display this message in the post (before / after / between), but also a module so that you can enter the message in any module position that you want.

To Download the suite(module and plugin), click on the link below:
What would Seth Godin do? (Joomla Version) (7)

A small request : I really want every Joomla user to know about this…so, if you like this module and think it’s worth sharing, I would really appreciate if you bookmarked it (use the ShareThis button below to do so)..
Thanks :-)

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